The following are books written in Dhopadhola and were designed to teach HIV/AIDS (PIASCY), reading, and the history and cultural idioms of the Jopadhola:

Kisoma Dhopadhola Kitabo Marapena, ma nitye gi agecha, dwanyo lewi, sikoiko, kodi kigana ma chek(2.93MB)

Kisoma Dhopadhola Kitabo Mararyo, ma nitye gi kigana kweth ma dongo(10.82MB)

Kitabo Ri Fwonji Silim (PIASCY)(4.7MB)

Padhola, Kitabo p'Oboth-Ofumbi(744KB)

I graduated from Cal Poly S.L.O. with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. At Cal Poly I participated in many activities outside of my normal school work.  I spent time tutoring lower division math for the Math Department which included everything up to calculus and differential equations.  I also spent time as a Teaching Assistant for Cal Poly's Manufacturing Department for the class that teaches electronics manufacturing.  I am also a member in the local chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

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